Kind LED Grow Lights

When it comes to indoor cannabis cultivation, a brand that’s widely known for reliable grow lights is KIND LED. This company out of Santa Rosa California is the top dog in the development and production of full-spectrum LED grow lights with the cutting-edge technology unrivaled in the industry.

KIND LED produces award-winning indoor grow lights with high-powered Light Emitting Diodes that feature a 12 band spectrum, including ultraviolet and infrared diodes, required for all growth stages of your cannabis. Its full-spectrum LED grow lights utilize only 50% of the electricity that HPS lights consume.

They also produce less heat, which eliminates the use of a fan or cooler for your indoor grow set-up, lowering the production cost for your business while nurturing the growth of your plants for maximum productivity.

The indoor grow lights of KIND LED are proven to be super effective in producing robust and healthy cannabis plants, as well as generating the highest yield per watt of electricity. These full-spectrum grow lights also run quietly and efficiently, allowing them to perform better and last longer than any other grow light you can find.

A product of rigorous research and superior craftsmanship, KIND LED grow lights are guaranteed to outperform even the higher-priced products in the market