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The Cube

Discover the ultimate food preservation solution – The Cube freeze dryer. This state-of-the-art device harnesses the power of freeze-drying to lock in the freshness, flavor, and nutrients of your favorite foods. Effortlessly preserve everything from garden-fresh produce to gourmet leftovers, ensuring nothing goes to waste. Elevate your food storage and enjoy delicious, healthy meals anytime.

Blue Alpine Freeze Dryer Comparison: Medium vs Large

Medium Large
Comes with (5) five 9"x 13" trays Comes with (5) five 18"x13" trays
Avg 8 lbs. per 24 hrs Avg 16 lbs. per 24 hrs
Up to 15 lbs. or 1 gallon max load Up to 25 lbs. or 2 gallons max load
20" x 21" x 30" 24" x 25.5" x 34"
110 lbs 130 lbs

Experience the Blue Alpine Difference

What Sets Blue Alpine Apart:

✅ Made in the USA

✅ 25%-50% faster freeze drying cycles for maximum efficiency.

✅ Smart Software: PID control and solid state relays for precise freeze drying.

✅ Vacuum Seal Protection: Barbed fittings and threadlocker seals to prevent leaks.

✅ Built to Last: Durable extruded aluminum frame for exceptional longevity.

✅ Standard quarter sheet pan size for easy replacement.

✅ Built-in recipes for optimal freeze drying results.

Blue Alpine Freeze Dryer

What Customers Are Saying: Blue Alpine Freeze Dryer Reviews

Nicky B

This thing works like a charm! Way faster than other brands I've researched. Easy setup and oil changes, even for a newbie like me. The candy batches are amazing, and so are the fruits. It's a little loud, but not as bad as I expected.

Alex R.

Love both my Blue Alpines! Started with the Medium, upgraded to the Large. So easy to use, now I can freeze-dry twice as much!

The Smiths

Our Large arrived in perfect condition, very well packed. Only suggestion: handles lower down would help with moving it onto our cart. Excited to start freeze-drying!


Awesome customer service! Setup was a breeze, instructions were super clear. Even for a beginner like me, this machine is a dream to use.

Carter L

Ordered in January, got it in March. A few delivery hiccups, but worth the wait. Blue Alpine is simple to set up, recipes are easy to follow. Planning to get another one soon!

Avery P.

7-8 runs in and 100% happy. Easy to use and clean, plus the best customer service ever. This is the best investment we've made

The Andersons

We're absolutely in love with this machine!!

Max G.

Super happy with our Blue Alpine. Fast shipping, arrived perfect. Glad we took a chance on a smaller company. We tell all our friends about them!

The Millers

We're so excited about our freeze dryer! Amazing customer service, super easy to set up and use. Highly recommend comparing Blue Alpine to the competition – you'll see the value!

Riley K.

Had mine for a week and it's been running non-stop. Faster than I expected, and quiet enough to be in the next room. Love it!

Jordan C

Less than a week in and I'm obsessed. Amazing results, so much fun! Tried another brand that wouldn't even start, but Blue Alpine is trouble-free. No regrets!

Kai H.

Great product, well-built and easy to use. Shipping was professional, service was fantastic. Highly recommend!

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