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Awesome Press

I love this press. It’s simple to use. No guessing how much pressure to apply. Just plug it in, load up the X micron bag, press a button and squish. You’ll be enjoying concentrates in minutes.

No Pressure guage

The machine works mint but would like to see it have a pressure guage

Works great

Got good return


Well built , works well

Almost there!

Hey folks!
The machine does exactly as I watched over and over on YouTube.
The the trick is to press slowly and lower heat. Don’t start timing right away either.
Hopefully the remaining back order of the decarboxylater and tool stand arrive soon.

!!Highly Recommend!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Perfect for personal use ! High quality ! 😍 Lifetime Warranty !!😍 Top Notch customer service ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tumbling and tumbling

Nice unit, I’m happy so far.

Super presse

J’adore ma nouvelle presse la rosin est d’une qualite exceptionnelle 👍

Very well made, built to last.

Worth the money, great press, very accurate. The staff are beyond exceptional to work with. I will be shopping here again. Thank you

Supreme Rosin 90 Micron Rosin Press Filter Bags 100 Pack


Love this product already have someone else ordering another unit off you guy's well be highly recommend can't wait to keep smashing and mabye upgrade

Nugsmasher OG

Works awesome it was worth the wait and was an awesome deal! Thanks Trimleaf

Love them

Optic lights and trim leaf have really gone the extra mile, thanks!

so far so good!

Purchased the Twister T4, delivery was quick, product was partially assembled but the rest was very nice described also piece of cake to get the unit ready to go. Will weight for the harvest and see how the twister performs.

You get what you pay for

Honestly a pretty decent little kit, however the build quality of the tent definitely has me regretting not trying to source all the parts myself. Pin hole leaks, missing stitches, and the seam behind the zipper never quite seals. Not horrible for a first grow kit but definitely not a "Veteran"

Supreme Rosin 120 Micron Rosin Press Filter Bags 100 Pack

Now Growing

The customer service was great. There was a back order issue , the order is now complete and I started using today. Very happy. Thx Trimleaf.


I think its awesome I found this review board organically and not on a facebook feed.

triminator dry mini

first run the motor was making a noise but not running. have to press ON button fast then it works. not sure if its defective but works as advertised when i press ON fast. might be related to the initial amperage draw to get motor running which might be related to other things plugged into same power line (freezer, air filter, tv etc). will know for certain when i bring it to another plug/power line. i will definitely reach out if it still has that problem on a new power line. that being said it's very industrial, dont like final bag look? toss it in for another minute and presto. simple, robust and at makes trimming at least 3 times faster than hand trimming . its not magic because you still need to prep trim and quality assure here and there but it was definitely worth the purchase.

Great purchase

Great unit ! Perfect for the house

Best trimmer ever

Takes my 10lb grow right to bag quality 3 times a year. Better than table tops or bowls

Soo far it works great!