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Awesome personal press!

Works great- the bundle was really good value as well- got to experiment with some different microns. I really recommend the collecting plate- it helps a ton!!


Love this thing.It’s all ready saved me money.

Absolutely amazing machine. Love it. No more sore wrist with manual pressing. If you like it simple. This is the machine to get.

NugSmasher 7 Gram Extraction Rosin Filter Bags

Newbie NugSmasher!

Although entirely impressed with the product and the included bundle I ha e yet to try it. What I was equally impressed with was the access to video graphic material related to the product. Good job on a wicked product and resources!

Very pleased

The machine was delivered in just a few days and works great.

Stealth box

Everything arrived quickly and intact. Too early for me to tell how good it is but it arrived as described. Everything seems to work and customer service got back to me very fast to answer a question. Crop king sent seeds as well so I had everything I needed to start.

Christmas in July!

I was hesitant at first about upgrading from the Nugsmasher OG, I was leaning towards the XP. But after digging a little deeper, I went with the touch! I realized that pressure is more important than heat! I was smashing way too hard with the OG. The touch has been a real eye opener!

Spider Farmer SE7000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Great Light

This light pairs very well with the 2'x2.5' Gorilla Grow Tent. Dimensions are right on and dimming allows for total control through all growth stages.

Works amazing

Great bang for buck use in retail setting gets lots use never had a problem

Over the moon

100 percent satisfied with units and service time will tell on longevity but build is super pro. Couldnt be more satisfied

5 star

Great product , thanks

Works great but be careful

Mache works great, should have better operating instructions though, big difference between running wet and dry, need less vacuum from the fan and more angle when running dry or it just rides in the tumbler churning it down smaller by the minute, chewed up a few pounds learning this

I have not even open up the box yet

Stealth Box Organic Grow Box
Gabriel Magloire

The grow box in itself is built perfectly. Very well thought, designed and built. I absolutely love it.
I have discussed both with the people over at and trimleaf and they are wonderful! Such amazing customer service is rare these days. I highly recommend them both.

It does such a great job i love it i was thinking of a refund but ill keep it.

Nug Smasher


Kind led bar

Awesome light, using it to provide underlighting and getting great results!

Nugsmasher OG

Love it

NugSmasher 14 Gram Extraction Rosin Filter Bags

Very good customer support from Trim Leaf

This product has been in discontinued by the manufacturer and they sent another belt. In the end I contacted trim leaf and they promptly alleviated the situation with a great sense of urgency. Thanks to the trim leaf team for their outstanding customer service m.

Great Service

TrimLeaf had great and fast service, would order again.

Not as described

Let me start my saying it works, but overall Im not happy with the product as it far tong to a decent batch of oil, between soaking freezing the alcohol and the tincture it its pretty much an all day affair. Nor can you do up to 2 ounces as described and the yield is no where near what they say. Save your money as this is nothing more than a glorified rice cooker. And the alcohol is quite expensive.


So far so good! I am excited to see the turn out harvest day. There is zero issue with heat and I love the light spectrum. Nice solid little unit and very light in weight.