FV Rosintech

FV Rosintech specializes in rosin extraction products that help you get more yields in every gram. From rosin press to micron bags, the FV Rosintech product line is well-designed so that you get to maximize your material in every press.

Want a powerful rosin press? You will love the Rollie, a chainable rosin press that does not need parchment paper and slides your rosin safely onto a clean surface.

If good old flexing of muscles is your jam, the Retrofit Rosin Press Kit fits right up your alley, as it works with your existing shop press.

FV Rosintech products are known for their quality. It uses nothing less than food-grade aluminum and stainless steel for its machine so you can feel the premium in every product. So, if you want to change the way you do rosin extracts, check out the FV Rosintech product line.