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With their Quantum Boards, HLG has developed a revolutionary product that outperforms all others on the market in terms of efficiency and affordability. HLG light can lower your power costs by half—which means you'll be able to cut into your production costs significantly. HLG LEDs have been the result of extensive research by their creators, and as such are second to none in terms of quality.

HLG Customer Reviews & Testimonials

David P.

The HLG 300L R SPEC Full Spectrum LED Grow Light has only been set up for a few days. Works great so far. All nodes are lite.

James B.

This light is awesome only using it at 30% and my plants love it. Hid are a thing of the past this thing makes a fraction of the heat and is much quieter than my old led that required massive fans.


Would always recommend hlg and not just this one light but as a whole. Check em out and Thankyou guys I apreacate what you guys do.

Walter D.

I love the lights. My veggies are starting up perfect. Real good spectrum of lights and very strong.


I have had this light for 6 months now and I am very happy with the outcome of my plants thank you very much wish I could afford another one.

Terrence B.

Powerful light.

Ryan H.

Recently replaced a blurple with this bad Larry. Good lord this light rips! Fits perfect in my 4x4 with the carbon filter installed. Does warm up the tent a lil but I run em at night anyhow. Very pleased with my purchase.

Michael G.S.

Very satisfied. It’s all about seed to soul oooooyaaaa👍


I had the 4000k just got the 3000k for flowering same quality you would expect just a different range for flower once again still worth every penny for a small one plant op.

Mike A.

Great light for a 2x2 flower very high par reading for a small light 18 " for flower 24 to 30 for veg.

Don H.

Been running a Scorpion Diablo for about a year now. Amazing the increase in density of my buds. Made such a difference in my harvests I just recurved my second one. Going to run 2 in my 4x8. Can’t wait to see results. Thanx HLG


Best hlg scorpion light on the market loving it especially since you can dial it and damn it to your needs!

Why HLG?

HLG grow lights are proven to increase yields and improve flower quality all while improving profit margins through their highly efficient grow lights.

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