Pre-Roll Machines

If you do not have a pre-roll machine in your stable of equipment, then you are missing a lot. Pre-rolling machines help you automate the process of creating cones. No need to worry about sloppy cannabis rolls, as the machine will take care of the rolling for you. Because everything is automated, each cone you produce is consistent: only good flavor, and none of the sloppy work. Let the pre-roll machines take care of every step, from grinding, and even up to the labeling of the pre-rolls, so that you can focus on your business.


As businesses scale-up, you need to have the right tools so as not to be left behind. Having the right pre-roll machine will let you take your business to new heights.


Increase your outputs, while cutting down on time. Pre-roll machines can help you expand your cone production in a shorter period. Focus on your business, let the pre-roll machine do the rest.


At Trimleaf, we offer you a wide selection of pre-roll machines that fit your business’ needs. Big or small, our catalog has something that’s right for you.