Automatic Bud Trimmers

Having an extra set of parts for your automatic trimmer is not just about being prepared for breakdowns. It’s also about being able to continue the workflow.

Instead of waiting for the clean-up of your most used parts, why not swap them out with a clean set, and keep the process going? And then swap in the clean set as you repeat the cycle.

Trimleaf offers a wide selection of parts for your automatic trimmer. Whether you want to have replacement parts ready in case of breakdown or want to have an extra set to switch between cycles, you can find the necessary components here, all set for use in your trimming operations.

So, don’t wait until something breaks, or you get bogged down with downtimes for clean-up. Grab yourself an extra set of trimmer parts for your machines.

Wet Trimming vs Dry Trimming

Wet Trimming

✅ Simple and fast; buds can be fed to the machine right after harvest.
✅ Takes up less space since buds don't have to be dried.

❌ Flowers may not be as flavorful or aromatic.
❌ Molds could develop due to excess moisture.

Dry Trimming

✅ Flowers are more flavorful, richer and color and aromatic.
✅ Provides the user a more pleasant smoking experience.

❌ Time-consuming and more tedious to dry the buds in a dedicated climate-controlled space.

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