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What started as a complaint in bud trimming, allowed Twister to evolve into the all-in solution in cannabis & hemp processing. Today, Twister has several solutions catered to each stage of the harvest process from automated bud trimming machines, to buckers, and ultrasonic cleaning units made to clean its own machines for round-the-clock production efficiency. 

Since its humble beginnings in 2005, Twister carved its niche with its innovative machinery. Backed with more than a decade of continuous research and development, Twister continues to bring out its best by catering to every step in the process.

Whether you’re a small-time or commercial-sized cannabis producer, Twister has something for you. All the products of Twister are a response to the pains in cannabis production. The company does not merely offer fixes in cannabis processing, as it also gives you access to efficient workflows you can adapt in your business.

Nobody should handle such a tedious workload, and that is why Twister offers the whole nine yards of products to address every issue in bud trimming.

When you invest in a Twister machine, you get so many benefits, including:

  • Food-grade, stainless steel components to protect the buds
  • Less people needed
  • Years of continuing research to enhance product experience
  • Safety-compliance
  • Tech support available seven (7) days a week
  • Modular products
  • A Three-year warranty

These benefits say a lot about what kind of experience you will get with Twister. Make no mistake, as Twister is guaranteed to change the way you look at cannabis & hemp harvesting solutions.



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Twister Wet & Dry Bud Trimmers

Bud Trimming Machines

Wet & dry bud trimming solutions for any size of harvest.

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Twister offers a powerful wet and dry bucker that can help you de-stem up to 150 pounds of buds in an hour!

Twister Trim Savers

Trim Savers

Upgrade your Twister Trimmer’s Trim Collector with this powerful vacuum system that preserves the quality of your trims for future use.

Twister Systems

Twister Systems

A modular system designed to create seamless transitions between every phase of bud trimming, while preserving the potency of your harvest.

Twister Ultraclean


Save on time when cleaning the trimmers of your Twister. Instead of spending two (2) hours cleaning your trimmers, the Twister UltraClean does it in 15 minutes.

Twister Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Don’t get caught empty-handed when your Twister machines need some love. The spare parts of Twister reduce work stoppages so that you can churn out the perfect bud every time.