Twister Bud Trimmers

Since 2005, Twister has been the trusted source of reliable and efficient trimming solutions for professional cannabis and hemp producers around the world. This leading brand for harvesting equipment out of Surrey, British Columbia in Canada builds highly-innovative products that are well-recognized for outstanding design and superior quality

Whether you’re a small home grower or a medium to large scale producer, there’s a Twister trimmer that can help improve your productivity and grow your business. There’s the Twister T-Zero with a record-breaking output of 600lbs/hr; the Twister T2, the number one trimming system commercially used worldwide; the Twister T4, a trimmer with thirty-six trimming styles; the Twister T6, a table-top machine for small batch trimming; and for businesses that prefer dry trimming, the Twister BatchOne is your choice for a batch-style workflow.

As a result of Twister’s continuous effort to push the boundaries of product development, the brand has also created the new Twister B4 Bucker, the most powerful cannabis and hemp bucker today. Equipped with a 1 HP motor, the B4 Bucker is capable of processing up to 150lbs/hr of fully-hydrated flowers and deliver a consistent harvest processing without downtime.

The best producers deserve only the best harvesting equipment like Twister Trimmers and Buckers. Get a Twister today and you’ll receive over a decade of excellence in design and manufacturing.