GreenBroz Dry Trimming Machines


GreenBroz dry trimmers are considered to be next-generation harvesting solutions that mimic the work of hand-trimming harvest with increased consistency and efficiency. Each GreenBroz dry trimmer is crafted with a patented blade design that allows gentle trimming to preserve your harvest’s cannabinoid profile.

You can also enjoy every trimming experience because of the GreenBroz dry timmers’ quiet operations. Place your business calls or listen to some music all you want, no problem. These machines are designed to produce minimal noise so you can perform other tasks while harvesting.

All GreenBroz dry trimmers guarantee quick results while ensuring that you achieve your desired trim finish every time. With their streamlined designs, these products also have enhanced cleanability and let you harvest in compliance with your local regulatory system.

GreenBroz trimmers are proudly American-made. They are products of one of the world leaders in automated harvesting, founded by a USAF Veteran with a vision to provide solutions to the booming cannabis industry.

Whether you are reaping for personal use or business production, the GreenBroz collection is your best solution for a fast, gentle, and efficient cannabis harvest.