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The Triminator is a company from Grass Valley, California with roots stemming from agricultural and forestry equipment distribution. Thanks to their years of knowledge and expertise, today they're considered as a the leading innovator when it comes to designing and manufacturing cutting edge machines for bud trimming, bucking, and rosin extraction. Their product offering ranges from award-winning automatic wet & dry bud trimmers, high capacity plant buckets, to the highest yielding rosin presses in the industry. 


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Wet and Dry Bud Trimmers

Lubricant & solution-free while manicuring buds gently with minimal friction with the aim of preserving trichomes, the Triminator offers world-class trimming solutions to trim the leaves off of wet and dry buds.

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Cannabis & Hemp Buckers

Separate and strip cannabis and cbd hemp buds away from the stem in the fastest, most intuitive, most efficient and least invasive manner.

Rosin Press

Extract cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis flower using heat and pressure. Highest capacity rating while.