Dry Sift Tumblers, Kief Tumblers, & Pollen Extractors

Having a reliable dry sifter is crucial to preserve kief in your harvest.


Not being able to filter it properly will be a waste of good quality cannabinoids. Tiny by nature, kief has to be filtered correctly, as it carries more potent than the buds of your cannabis harvest.


That is why your dry sifter should be reliable in filtering the kief, so you can make the most of every plant you harvest.


Remember that kief is naturally sticky, and that is why you must choose a dry sifter that lets the sift slide properly for collection without any chemicals.


Also, your dry sifter should have multiple micron levels, which gives you different filtering layers to render the best quality.


More importantly, your dry sifter should be fast but efficient. Waste no time so you can ramp up your outputs every time.


At Trimleaf, we bring you an array of dry-sifters to match your production needs.


So, whether you run a small-scale facility, or are up in the big league, our dry sifters guarantee to extract the kief quickly without wasting the quality of your strains.