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Decarboxylators and Herbal Infusers

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-infused oils have opened up many possible practical uses for it in everyday life. It has health-benefits that assist you in dealing with seizures, muscle pain, nausea, and low appetite. Mix it with food and non-food products to make the application easier. Infuse it with butter and use it for your baked goods. Cannabis with butter, canola, or coconut oil makes a great addition to your baking. Use it as a cooking oil additive for your dose THC. Use with salads, steaks, and stir-fry. Olive and peanut oil make a good base for this mixture. Add it to your pain salve for quick pain relief and to relax your muscles without hallucinogenic effects. Infuse with coconut oil and mix it with your favorite pain reliever rub for faster and better results. Mix with your smoothies, teas, and coffee. Add a teaspoon of your cannabis-infused oil with your morning coffee, tea, or after-workout smoothie.

There are a lot of THC-infusion recipes available for you to choose from, but they all need one thing: an oil infuser. Trimleaf provides you with top of the line Oil Infusers. Each infuser has its specialty, and guarantees you the best infusions without having to use chemicals. Whether you’re infusing for personal consumption, or run a small café, our infusers can cater to your needs.