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Spider Farmer

Since 2015, Farmer has created a line of high-quality LED lights that are priced to please and provide an outstanding full spectrum. Spider Farmer LEDs deliver an outstanding broad spectrum while remaining energy efficient as they tailor their products and services to match the needs of customers, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

Spider Farmer Customer Reviews & Testimonials


My plants just love this light. After three weeks I cranked it up to 400 Watts. No burning. Buds are looking good.

Gino A.

Best light I’ve purchased so far. Ive used multiple small lights to produce the same effect as the rails rather than a dense concentration of light which aggravates light burn.

Paul L.

100 percent satisfied with units and service time will tell on longevity but build is super pro. Couldnt be more satisfied.

Roger S.

So far so good! I am excited to see the turn out harvest day. There is zero issue with heat and I love the light spectrum. Nice solid little unit and very light in weight.


The light is great everything works as it should and the hanging system is awesome too!! I definitely recommend this product!

Hunter S.

Awesome light highly recommend.

Scott G.

I bought 2 se7000 spyderfarmer lights for a 5' x10' grow 2 years ago... great lights, very efficient... great product!!!


Coming from a kind k5 light, i am totally in love with how light this light is and the space coverage on it. Going to be picking up another one in a few days.

Aaron M.J.

Love this light! Already have 1 and ordering a second for a 8x8 room that I built, will possibly add a third depending on the par reading.

Kurtis D.

I love my new light. I am very impressed with the quality and construction. You can get your tan on with this bright light. My favorite part is the daisy chain feature. No need for a controller.


The Spider Farmer 3000 is an excellent light, emitting all the necessary color bands for plant growth. Plants respond well to it, resulting in explosive growth and large flowers, influenced by genetics. Start with lower wattage for young plants and increase as they grow. The Spider Farmer SE 3000 won't disappoint.


I currently have 4 of these in my garden and I love them. First harvest was a success. Would have been better if I didn’t overload on plant count but that’s my fault. You can successfully grow 4 plants per light with these.

SF vs SE vs G Series: What are the Differences?

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