CenturionPro Summer of Savings Sale

Take advantage of our special promotion and save up to 65% on our most popular machines. Now is the perfect opportunity to experience the outstanding performance of CenturionPro or expand your fleet. Don't miss out on the chance to make your upcoming harvest the most successful one yet. 

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Model Was Promotional Price (Save)
CenturionPro TableTop $4,595 $3,695 (Save $900)
CenturionPro Mini $7,595 $5,395 (Save $2,200)
CenturionPro Original $8,995 $6,795 (Save $3,200)
CenturionPro Silver Bullet $9,495 $7,495 (Save $2,000)
CenturionPro Gladiator $15,995 $13,495 (Save $2,500)
CenturionPro 3.0+  $23,995 $20,295 (Save $3,700)
Accessorize Your Dry Batch Trimmer

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Upgrade your trimming experience and unlock the full potential of your dry batch trimmer with our exclusive offer. Get more utility out of your purchase and essentially receive two machines in one. Elevate your harvest and take advantage of this limited-time opportunity to maximize your trimming efficiency and productivity.

  • FREE Kief Tumbler with Purchase of a DBT2 or DBT3
  • FREE Bud Sorting Kit with Purchase of a DBT4 or DBT5


CenturionPro offers a variety of automatic bud trimmers in their award-winning line-up to suit any and all types of harvests. Whether you're a home grower with a couple of plants, have a small or medium-sized operation, to farming on a commercial scale, there's a Centurion Pro machine out there to save you both time money, as well as add convenience.

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