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Boost your business or personal goals effortlessly with our financing solutions. Access the equipment you need without any upfront hassles. It's your equipment, your way - pay conveniently with manageable monthly installments while maximizing its full potential.

Finance your purchases starting at 0% interest up to 60 months.

How it Works

We take pride in offering diverse financing solutions for consumers and businesses. With fair interest rates and flexible terms, we've partnered with the top financing companies in the country to provide convenient, affordable , and accessible plans for everyone. Break down your purchases into manageable payments, making your business & personal endeavors within reach.

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At checkout, you'll be able to select among one of several financing providers. Different providers offer different terms and interest rates, so choose the one that suit your needs best.

Which Financing Provider Should You Choose?

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Compare Financing Providers

Provider Amount Range Payment Terms Interest Rate
AfterPay Up to $2,000 Bi-weekly (Up to 6 weeks) 0%
Gratify Up to $6,000 Monthly (Up to 4 months) 0%
Humm Up to $1,500 Bi-weekly (Up to 6 weeks) 0%
Humm $1,500 to $30,000 Monthly (6 - 60 months) 9.99%
Tabit* Up to $500,000 Weekly (1 year) 0-9.99%
* Business financing only. Interest varies based on duration. Instant approval for up to $15k, otherwise up to 24 hours.
† Please note that Gratify is not available through the checkout at this time. If you wish to explore financing options through Gratify, kindly get in touch with us or by filling out this form.

Frequently Asked Questions


Afterpay allows you to shop now and pay later, always interest-free. With Afterpay, your purchase will be split into 4 payments, payable every 2 weeks.

Simply shop with one of your favorite stores found in the Shop Directory and choose Afterpay as your payment method at checkout. First-time customers will need to create an Afterpay account (with instant approval decision) and returning customers will simply log in to make their purchase. For online orders, the goods will be shipped to you by the retailer after checkout. It’s that easy!

At any time, you can log in to your Afterpay account to see your payment schedule and make a payment before the due date. Otherwise Afterpay will automatically take the money from your debit or credit card on your payment due dates. 

Please Note: Afterpay does not approve 100% of orders. Afterpay is committed to ensuring Afterpay supports responsible spending.

When determining which orders to approve, Afterpay consider a number of different factors. As an example, the longer you have been a shopper using Afterpay and the more orders you have successfully repaid, the more likely you will be able to spend more.

Things to consider

  • Are there sufficient funds on your card? Generally Afterpay looks to see the first instalment amount available to spend.
  • The length of time you have been using Afterpay
  • The amount you have to repay
  • The value of the order you are trying to place
  • The number of orders you currently have 'open' with us

While we know it can be frustrating to not know exactly how much you can spend each time or how many active orders you can have, our rules and approval process help Afterpay responsibly offer a completely free service to shoppers.

Currently, only products $2,000 or less qualify for financing with Afterpay.

To be eligible to use Afterpay you must:

  • Be an individual who is at least 18 years old (Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan); 19 for all other provinces
  • Be a resident of Canada;
  • Be capable of entering into a legally binding contract;
  • Hve a valid and verifiable email address and mobile telephone number;
  • Provide a valid delivery address in Canada; and
  • Be authorised to use the Payment Method provided (Canada-issued Visa / Mastercard / AMEX debit or credit card)

Afterpay is a free service when you pay on time - there are no upfront fees charged or any interest incurred.

The only fees that may be incurred are late fees if your scheduled payments are unsuccessfully processed and, after being notified, you do not log in to your Afterpay account to make your payment via a different method.

We do everything we can for you to avoid late fees, including sending reminders leading up to the payment due date.


Gratify, a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) platform, offers the convenience of splitting your purchase into four equal payments, spaced one month apart over four months, all without any interest or hidden fees, making your shopping experience more budget-friendly and manageable.

Gratify's process is straightforward and user-friendly. To get started, all you need is a credit or debit card, and the approval process usually takes just 60 seconds.

We'll send you a link that will take you to the Gratify Merchant Portal, containing your essential details such as your name, product information, price, email, and phone number. Gratify will then send a link to your phone for you to input your credit card information.

If approved, you'll make an initial payment of 25% upfront, followed by three equal payments every month thereafter.

If you ever need to adjust your payment plan or encounter any issues, Gratify is flexible and willing to work with you to ensure a smooth experience.

There are no hidden fees. With Gratify, what you see is what you get. There are no late fees or hidden costs.

Reach out to our dedicated customer support team by filling out this form. We'll provide you with a link where you'll be asked a series of questions to complete your application.


Humm offers purchase financing options with flexible payment plans of up to $30,000.

Humm offers a streamlined application process ensuring you receive a credit decision in under 7 minutes from the moment you apply. You can conveniently spread your payments over as few as 6 bi-weekly installments or extend them on a monthly basis for up to 5 years.

Age of majority in province/territory of residence
- Canadian resident
- Mobile number
- Email address
- Credit Card or Visa/Mastercard Debit
- Online banking credentials

Humm is currently not available to customers or merchants based in Quebec.

For purchases up to $1,500 customers can repay in 6 bi-weekly payments.

For purchases $1,501- $30,000, customers can pick from the available terms.

Up to $1,500:

  • - Payment Terms: Bi-weekly over 6 weeks
  • - Interest: 0%

$1,501 - $3,000:

  • - Payment Terms: Monthly (6 to 18 months)
  • - Interest: 9.99%

$3,001 - $5,000:

  • - Payment Terms: Monthly (12 to 24 months)
  • - Interest: 9.99%

$5,001 - $10,000:

  • - Payment Terms: Monthly (18 to 36 months)
  • - Interest: 9.99%

$10,001 - $15,000:

  • - Payment Terms: Monthly (24 to 48 months)
  • - Interest: 9.99%

$15,001 - $30,000:

  • - Payment Terms: Monthly (48 to 60 months)
  • - Interest: 9.99%

Tabit (For Business Financing Only)

Tabit is a Buy Now, Pay Later solution tailor-made for businesses. Whether you're a small enterprise or a larger company, Tabit empowers you with the flexibility and financial advantages you need to succeed. Say goodbye to cash flow constraints and hello to growth opportunities!

At the checkout, business buyers can select Tabit as their preferred payment method.

Thanks to Tabit's streamlined checkout process, you can effortlessly input the required information in just a few minutes.

For purchases of up to $15,000, expect to receive an underwriting decision within minutes. As for transactions ranging from $15,000 to $500,000, rest assured that the underwriting decision will be provided within 24 hours. It's a straightforward and efficient process.

For purchases of up to $15,000, expect to receive an underwriting decision within minutes. As for transactions ranging from $15,000 to $500,000, rest assured that the underwriting decision will be provided within 24 hours.

Tabit offers business financing with costs and fees that vary depending on when you pay it back.

Payment Term: Up to 52 weeks, or 1 year.

Payment Frequency: Weekly payments

Interest Rates: The interest rates are as follows —

Pay within:
0-60 days: 0% interest
61-90 days: 1.99% interest
91-180 days: 4.99% interest
181-365 days: 9.99% interest

Have Additional Questions on Financing?

Have questions about your any of our financing options? Visit our Trimleaf Financing help page, give us a call at 1-778-300-3154, or write to us!