Rosin Accessories

You stand to gain a lot when you incorporate a pre-press mold in your rosin extract gear.

A pre-press molds lets you neatly compact kief, and buds, so you extract more rosin. It reduces blowouts in your rosin bags, giving you the best yields in every press.

In the long run, compacting your kiefs and buds lets you reduce wasted materials that may result from handling. You get more mileage out of your strain, and you reduce the need to clean up your extracts from materials that get mixed into the oil.

Such a simple item goes a long way. That is why Trimleaf gives value to pre-press molds because of how it largely contributes to your rosin extracts.

Whether you only need a personal mold, or need something to compact larger quantities, Trimleaf’s inventory has something for you.

Peruse our rosin press accessories, and check out all that you need.