If you hate the whole process of mixing nutrients so that you can feed them properly, AeroMixer is steps ahead of you.

Born out of frustration of mixing, aerating, and even feeding plants with the needed nutrients, AeroMixer addresses the needs of farmers and home growers who want a versatile solution for nutrient management.

Inspired by saltwater fish tank technology, AeroMixer developed its prototypes from this tech to invent the Nutrient Mixers.

AeroMixer takes pride in its Nutrient Mixers, which mix, aerate and feed your plants while maintaining the right pH levels in the water.

Never have to waste every bit of nutrient, as AeroMixer stops nutrient accumulation at the bottom of the tank before it even happens.

AeroMixer offers three (3) Nutrient Mixers with specific capacities, all designed to improve your garden’s nutrient management.