PurePressure Rosin Press & Rosin Tech Accessories


When it comes to solventless rosin extraction, a brand that is trusted by businesses across the industry is PurePressure. This Colorado-based company has made a name for itself within the solventless extraction community for its highly customizable rosin presses, cutting-edge technology, and top-notch customer support for anything and everything rosin. All its products are engineered to produce the highest yield and highest quality possible with their pinpoint precision and accurate temperature control.


Each of the PurePressure’s rosin extraction solutions is made specifically to provide automated solventless extraction from the highest quality parts and components. These machines vary in squish capacity, the strength of pressure, and the type of operation that you can choose from depending on your business needs.


PurePressure’s collection now also includes a range of technologies for bubble hash making and sifting called  Bruteless™ Hash Washers. Compared to other brands, this line of products will take the quality and efficiency of your hash washing to a whole new level. If you want to save time and money on an awesome hash washing system that will get the job done for personal or business purposes, Bruteless™ Hash Washers by PurePressure is the best brand to go to.  


What makes Pure Pressure Unique?


Boasting a digital pressure control and the intuitive Pressware Technology with an LCD touch screen for real-time display of bag pressure, the PurePressure rosin presses are capable of ultra-accurate pressure application to yield premium quality concentrates. These machines also have the ability to save up to 29 pre-set recipes, so you can repeat the best results instantly with a simple dial in the Pressware settings.


With the PurePressure rosin presses, your business will not only get a cutting-edge technology in solventless extraction but also invest in durable machines built from a steel powder-coated frame that will truly last for a lifetime. Whatever size your business currently is, the exceptional PurePressure rosin extraction solutions are some of the few machines in the market that can help your company grow and highly profitable.