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STM Canna

STM Canna offers a comprehensive range of commercial pre-roll machines and cannabis processing equipment designed to optimize production workflows. From grinding and filling to infusion and closing, these modular systems work seamlessly together to boost efficiency and maintain consistent quality across large-scale operations.


Streamline Your Pre-Roll Production with STM Canna

STM Canna Reviews

Kane O

This machine is easy, quick and easy to you. Perfect for high volume. It allows you to get product in and out fairly quickly. I highly recommend it!

Matt H.

Great machine, simple to use, great customer service. Short learning curve, makes some of the best joints out of several machines I've tried.

Bill, H.

As far every thing goes currently, the rocket box we're currently using is working out just fine. We have the machine really dialed in now at this point, and we're happy with the results.

Jim G.

Machine is fantastic, effcient and fast.

Johanna C.

We love your Rocketbox so much we want a second one!

Grow L.

Awesome machine for infusing pre-rolls. Works like a charm.


Great machine. Packs really fast and well. Took a little bit of time figuring out how to use it.

Craig C.

Love it. Awesome

Phil B.

Wow, this thing is powerful and fast!

Justin P.

What a badass little machine, this thing is the heart of our operation.

Max W.


Jennifer G.

This is the machine we never knew we needed until it arrived and now we can't live without it.

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STM Canna Frequently Asked Questions

STM Canna provides a range of commercial cannabis processing equipment, including pre-roll machines, grinders, infusers, closing machines, and weighing scales designed for high-volume pre-roll production.

STM Canna offers scalable solutions suitable for various business sizes, from startups to large-scale producers. Their modular design allows businesses to expand their capabilities as they grow.

STM Canna's machines are engineered for precision at every stage of production, from grinding to filling and closing, ensuring uniform size, weight, and quality across batches.

The One-Tray Workflow is STM Canna's integrated approach to pre-roll production, allowing materials to move seamlessly between different machines using a single tray, minimizing handling and potential contamination.

Production speed varies depending on the specific machine and setup, but some STM Canna systems can produce thousands of pre-rolls per hour.

Yes, STM Canna provides comprehensive training resources, including on-site training options and ongoing support to ensure customers can operate their equipment effectively.

All STM Canna equipment is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States.

STM Canna typically offers a one-year parts and labor warranty on their equipment. Specific warranty details may vary by product.

Yes, many STM Canna machines are adjustable to accommodate various pre-roll sizes, from standard to king-size and beyond.

STM Canna designs their equipment with regulatory compliance in mind, including features like precise weighing capabilities to ensure consistent product weight and quality control measures.