Harvest Right [6-Tray] Large Pro Freeze Dryer with Mylar Kit

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I've been using it for over four years, and it's exceeded all my expectations. It handles everything from meats to full meals with ease, and the rehydrated results are mind-blowing – they taste just as delicious as when I first made them. If you want a game-changing addition to your kitchen, this machine is an absolute must-have.
- Aimee

About Harvest Right [6-Tray] Large Pro Freeze Dryer with Mylar Kit:

18 - 23 lbs
Fresh Food Per Batch

4 - 6 gal

Freeze dried food per batch

Trays Included

3 Years

Harvest Right Large Pro Freeze Dryer Vacuum Pump — Premier vs Oil-Free Pump

Harvest Right [6-Tray] Large Pro Features

Harvest Right Large Pro Freeze Dryer Highlights

What is Included In the Harvest Right [6-Tray] Large Pro 

Large Harvest Right [6-Tray] Pro Freeze Dyer Specifications

Harvest Right [6-Tray] Large Pro Manual

Harvest Right Large Pro Freeze Dryer Warranty

Compare Harvest Right Home Pro Freeze Dryer Models

Model Trays Fresh food per batch Freeze dried food per batch Dimensions (HxWxD) Weight
SmallSmall Freeze Dryer 4 6-9 lbs 1.5 - 2 gal 26.8" x 17.4" x 21.5" 98 lbs
MediumMedium Freeze Dryer 5 10-15 lbs 2 - 3.5 gal 29" x 19" x 25" 127 lbs
LargeLarge Freeze Dryer 6 18-23 lbs 4 - 6 gal 31.3" x 21.3" x 27.5" 150 lbs
XL Freeze Dryer
7 40-50 lbs 7 gal 35.6" x 24.3" x 37.4" 265 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
kim pike
new large freeze dryer 6 tray

Received our 6 tray large freeze dryer yesterday. Already done the bread batch break in and everything is ok. We purchased ours from trimleaf. Albert was very helpful in answers our questions and financial options. So a big thank you to Albert and the trim leaf crew. As for the unit, Its well packaged, looks well built and everything seems to works as it should .

Lucas Paradis
Great machine

I love it, thanks to Albert at trimleaf that is always there to help me with my many questions.

Awesome for prepping and making candy!

Never ordered through Trimleaf before but they have excellent customer service! My freeze dryer has been working great since I got it - no problems so far :)