Harvest Right [4-Tray] Small Pro Freeze Dryer with Mylar Kit

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About Harvest Right [4-Tray] Small Pro Freeze Dryer with Mylar Kit:

6 - 9 lbs
Fresh Food Per Batch

1800 lbs

Fresh Food Per Year

Trays Included

3 Years

Harvest Right Small Pro Freeze Dryer Vacuum Pump — Premier vs Oil-Free Pump

Harvest Right [4-Tray] Small Pro Features

Harvest Right [4-Tray] Small Pro Highlights

What is Included in the Harvest Right [4-Tray] Small Pro

Harvest Right [4-Tray] Small Pro Freeze Dyer Specifications 

Small Harvest Right Freeze Dyer Manual

Harvest Right Small Pro Warranty

Compare Harvest Right Home Pro Freeze Dryer Models

Model Trays Fresh food per batch Freeze dried food per batch Dimensions (HxWxD) Weight
SmallSmall Freeze Dryer 4 6-9 lbs 1.5 - 2 gal 26.8" x 17.4" x 21.5" 98 lbs
MediumMedium Freeze Dryer 5 10-15 lbs 2 - 3.5 gal 29" x 19" x 25" 127 lbs
LargeLarge Freeze Dryer 6 18-23 lbs 4 - 6 gal 31.3" x 21.3" x 27.5" 150 lbs
XL Freeze Dryer
7 40-50 lbs 7 gal 35.6" x 24.3" x 37.4" 265 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Jean E.
Harvest Right freeze dryer

I was very impressed with the polite customer service and condition of my machine when it came! It was an easy set up. Customer service sent emails keeping me posted and sending tips to prepare me for my machine. I highly recommend them!

Arron Nerbas
Great Product!

Just getting familiar with the freeze dryer. On my 3rd batch now. Easy to use and quality built.

Alexandre Dumais
Great machine!!

That’s perfect thanks. !

James Germany

I like it and service from trim leaf was great

dana kline

love new fd