Harvest Right [4-Tray] Small Pro Freeze Dryer with Mylar Kit

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About Harvest Right [4-Tray] Small Pro Freeze Dryer with Mylar Kit:

6 - 9 lbs
Fresh Food Per Batch

1.5 - 2.0 gal

Freeze dried food per batch

Trays Included

3 Years

Harvest Right Small Pro Freeze Dryer Vacuum Pump — Premier vs Oil-Free Pump

Harvest Right [4-Tray] Small Pro Features

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Harvest Right [4-Tray] Small Pro Freeze Dyer Specifications 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Awesome machine haven't shut it off till today

Janet Rivett
Trimleaf and the new Freeze Dryer

If I were buying a freeze dryer again I would get a Harvest Right and definitely order it though Trimleaf. Trimleaf is with you though the entire process... order and delivery. When mine came and it would not cycle though an entire batch. I tried a support ticket with Harvest Right and it would not work(it was glitching at that time) so I phoned Albert. Within minutes (literally) he had Harvest Right contact me with the software update. I am very happy with my Small Harvest Right Freeze Dryer, the Harvest Right support and especially Albert at Trimleaf.

Mackenzie Stillar

The product works however upon delivery the box was damaged. I asked if the driver could open it so I could inspect it, he said if he opens it I own it, the panel around the screen is all dented and scratched. I contacted harvest right and was told I could have refused it and had it returned, so now if I was to have the part replaced I would have to pay for it. Excellent product terrible service and delivery but I’m sure the company already knows that and doesn’t care.

Chris Osborne
great piece of kit

really easy to use. I will have to wait a few years to see how it preserves .


I have now been using my Harvest Rite freeze drier for about a month and its been going none stop aside from a moments rest when i up dated the software.

been freeze drying every thing and any thing that moves lol,

For the record i have the small 3 tray version,

couldn't weight any more for the medium version because am in Canada and didn't want to fork out the extra Canadian funds - so sad lol...

of course this just means soon i will have 2 of these, a small one and a medium one, body willing and able of course.


was thinking maybe i could Marry it and make the book of records lol, Know really this is a must have.

I find my self eating the food dry with a cup of water or milk when am in a hurry.

if i had to suggest room for improvement i would think maybe an L E D light built inside so i can see inside or even a glass door with touch screen built into glass door ? just a thought lol hint hint lol

or maybe the glass door could just slide down when closing ? who knows,

Aside from thinking what it may look like in the future i don't know what more i can suggest or say besides i should have got one of these a long time ago Period !!!

No regrets though i am thinking on adding my own L E D lights around the out side of glass door as soon as i remember where i placed the extra ones i have lol and might even paint mine a Camo color,

wouldn't it be nice if these were portable too ???

like a nap sack version ok maybe a two nap sack versions too its not super heavy ok ok a wheel version then lol,

As for the buy once cry once saying,

I think now its safe to say Buy once and

smile 24-7-12 !!!

Further more my Fridge is now almost empty and i now have room for my trays to pre freeze though my living room is now full of mylar bags and containers not to mention i have enough Oxygen Absorbers that if they ever leaked at the same time

it could suck all the air and this could be scarry to say the least lol.

3 things i believe i have did rite in my life are

1 i got my hunting license

2 i got a job lol

3 i bought a Harvest Rite Freeze Drier !!!

GOD Bless

Blue Skies

soft landings

Mickey D-445...