Twister Bud Trimmers

Twister Bud Trimmers


Professional cannabis or hemp growers can rely on Twister for the important task of growing their business and improving their bottom line.


All Twister trimming machines are products of over a decade of excellence in design and manufacturing. They are engineered to meet the growing production demands of businesses around the world. And with the Twister’s SoftTumble™ Technology, these trimmers will also preserve your flower’s natural beauty and profile, while ensuring the consistency of trimming and preventing production downtime.


Whether you are a small home grower or large-scale producer, Twister Trimmers can give you an efficient, reliable, and gentle trimming for your cannabis and hemp production.


Meet the Twister Family of Trimmers  


Twister T6


Best for businesses doing small batch trimming 

Wet capacity: 10 lbs per hour
Dry capacity: 2 lbs per hour

Twister T4T4

The trimmer that started it all. New, improved, perfected. 

Wet capacity: 23 lbs per hour
Dry capacity: 7 lbs per hour

Twister T2


Consistent and durable machine designed to meet your volume requirements

Wet capacity: 35 lbs per hour
Dry capacity: 11 lbs per hour

Twister BatchOneBatchOne

The largest batch dry trimmer for the most demanding harvest season.

Dry capacity: 88 lbs per hour

Twister T-Zero


A truly commercial solution tailored for high production; suited for big businesses.

Wet/Dry capacity: 600+ lbs per hour