The Original Resinator

Resinator's lineup of trimmers, drum kits, and freeze dryers will provide you with the tools necessary to make your bud processing operation efficient and profitable. But mostly, Resinator is known for its 2-in-1 systems that function predominantly as a trimmer and extractor in one. Truly a one-stop solution for any cannabis processing operation, you can achieve maximum yields and minimize labor costs with Resinator.

The Resinator OG Base & XL: Available in Trim, Sift, or Wash Editions

The Original Resinator Base OG & XL Models are designed to be a budget-friendly entry point into our Resinator line, focusing on what you truly need. It's quality and efficiency without the frills.

  • Available in Trim, Sift, & Wash Editions
    Choose your weapon! Whether you're into trimming, sifting, or washing, there's a base Resinator OG/XLmodel kit designed specifically for you.
  • Additional Screens Avaiable to Purchase as Add-ons
    Need more functionality later on? You can buy additional post-harvest screens as you need them. Customize your Base OG & XL models to suit your evolving requirements.

All-in-One Trimmer, Dry Sifter, & Ice Water Hash Machine

Revolutionize Your Harvest Using Cryo-Trim® and Cryo-Sieve®

Despite usually preferring hand-trimmed flower, our first experience with the Resinator machine was eye-opening. My GM couldn't distinguish its output from hand-trimmed flower. In fact, they thought the machine-trimmed kola was hand-trimmed. This was the real test and the Resinator passed. Plus, its bladeless design eliminates the risk of flower and trim contamination, offering peace of mind for me and my processing partner.


Before and After Cryo-Trim Results

Before Cryo Trim - The Original Resinator
After Cryo Trim - The Original Resinator

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cryo-Trimming involves injecting liquid carbon dioxide into the chamber of an Original Resinator machine, resulting in the rapid brittleness of fan and sugar leaves, which causes them to easily break away from the buds. The brief flash freezing process enables us to achieve the cleanest manicure in the shortest possible time, without harming or oxidizing any cannabinoids or terpenes.

Cryo-Sieve is a method of collecting trichomes (tiny resin glands) using screens of varying sizes, starting with larger sizes and gradually reducing the size of the screen to collect finer trichomes. Liquid CO2 is used to work with wet, uncured biomass to maintain its quality.

Carbon dioxide is utilized in various forms, such as gas, solid, liquid, and supercritical states, owing to its desirable characteristics, including inertness, non-explosiveness, non-corrosiveness, high volatility, cooling ability, and cost-effectiveness. This has led to its widespread use in several applications across the food and processing industries. In the food industry, carbon dioxide is utilized for preserving fruits, vegetables, meats, food grains, and liquid foods, as well as inactivating microorganisms and extracting oils, flavors, colors, and chemicals. For further details on the safety of CO2 and its numerous applications in the agricultural and food industries, please refer to this scientific article.

By introducing liquid CO2 into the chamber of your machine filled with flowers, you can attain extremely low temperatures, causing the outer leaves to turn fragile, break away from the flower, and pass through the mesh screen without causing any harm, bruising, or affecting the quality of the flower. For CO2 trimming, it is advisable to maintain an "ice-cream" temperature between 10°F and 30°F. With the right preparation, it is possible to trim up to a pound of flowers per minute.

When it comes to making any extraction, it is ideal to work with sub-zero temperatures, i.e., temperatures below zero. By introducing liquid CO2 into the central chamber of our equipment, we can achieve temperatures as low as below -65° Fahrenheit. For precise details on the appropriate temperatures and duration of the process, please consult our extraction guide.

When using CO2 for trimming, we observe a THC and CBD loss of less than 1%, which is superior to most manual trimming methods. Our website provides Certificates of Analysis, and we continuously add more data to keep our information up to date.

The Resinator only requires routine maintenance, such as cleaning and occasional screen replacement, similar to any other filter or screen. In the event of maintenance requirements, all parts are conveniently detachable and replaceable.