You’ll be surprised with how Mobius turns the cumbersome tasks in harvesting into a leisure activity.

Mobius designed its harvesting machines for ease of use, with scalable outputs, and without sacrificing safety.

The product line of Mobius is the result of training, as well as different experiences gathered in hemp processing operations. The Mobius is the brand of choice of many of the top cannabis growers.


Why Choose Mobius?

  • The Mobius processes your plants as if processed by hand. Buck, trim, and mill your plants without worrying about damage, and within the highest industry standards.

  • All Mobius machines are quick to set up and take down. Clean up takes minutes, so you can focus more on processing your harvests.

  • Create a smoother workflow, as each Mobius product works seamlessly with each other. Automate the system without putting too much effort into the design process.

  • Expect quality builds from Mobius, as each machine uses quality materials, including food-grade stainless steel.

  • All products are GMP-compliant, giving you a workhorse that underwent the strictest safety protocols.


    Meet the Mobius Family  


    Mobius M108S Wet & Dry Bud Trimming Machine

    M108S Trimming Machine

    An all-in-one design fully enclosed & fully integrated system with the trim separator and vacuum. Wet and dry bud trimming machine capable of trimming 60-120lbs per hour wet and 30-60lbs per hour of dry material. 

    Mobius MBX Bucker Hemp Debudder & Bucking Machine

    MBX Bucking Machine

    An efficient bucking machine with a built-in stem chipper to make waste processing easy & efficient. Capable of bucking up to 150 pounds per hour.

    Mobius M210 Mill Plant Shredder Machine

    M210 Mill Plant Shredding Machine

    Uniform milling is just an M210 machine away. The M210 can take dry buds or trims of any size for uniform milling. It can dice up to 110 pounds of dry cannabis into consistent materials.


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