Pneumatic Rosin Press

If you want an effortless extraction of rosin, then pneumatic rosin presses are the way to go. Especially if you run a dispensary, where resources count a lot.

Pneumatic rosin presses are the most efficient machines you can have and need very minimal maintenance, as they don’t use oil.

Instead, they use an air compressor to help you get up to 25 tons of pressure every press.

The best rosin comes from consistent pressure, and that’s where pneumatic rosin presses shine.

Compared to its hydraulic or electric counterparts, pneumatic rosin presses can distribute pressure evenly across your heating plates.

Pneumatic rosin presses are quiet too, so you can keep on producing in the wee hours without disturbing the peace.

And because these machines are used to the pressure, all you need to do left is focus your strength in collecting the extracts and counting your returns.