Twister Ultraclean: Should You Invest in One?

Next to hand trimming, what other task takes a painstakingly long time to carry out during harvest season? Of course, we're only kidding about hand-trimming because, well, we know you already have a couple of fine Twister bud trimming machines in your facility. So, what is the most painstaking task trimming-related tasks during harvest season? Just as one must clean their dishes after a meal, it's cleaning your Twister trimming machines after every operation.


Taking Cleaning to Perspective


Twister UltraClean Automated Cleaning Machine

Cleaning one trimming machine to a commercial standard takes roughly about two hours. Now imagine you have 3 Twister T4’s running simultaneously of each during an 8-hour shift. To ensure these automatic trimmers work to the highest standard and provide you with the best quality product, you follow the recommended maintenance procedure and clean the trimmers for every four hours of use. To accomplish this, you’ll need to pull a few people from doing other tasks to work on cleaning these trimmers. Not only does that take time away from other tasks, creating a bottleneck in your operation, but it’s time, labour, as well as cost-intensive. What else? Manual cleaning is not consistent.

That's where the Twister UltraClean comes in. In just 15 minutes, this cleaning machine can make your entire Twister trimming machine look and work like new—saving you time and money. So let’s take a closer look at how it works.


UltraClean, Ultra-Efficient


UltraClean, Ultra-Efficient

The word "UltraClean" might sound like a hyperbole, but it's not. It actually lives up to its name. Twister UltraClean is heavy-duty equipment that's designed to effectively clean your machine without damaging it. 

The UltraClean is built to fit Twister T2 & T4 products but can also be used for additional but can accommodate additional materials such as metals, plastics or glass. As mentioned earlier, cleaning a whole trimmer takes about two hours, but the Twister UltraClean is capable of completing the task in just fifteen minutes. It gets deep and thorough results without using harsh or corrosive chemicals, which not only saves time but also protects your product from damage by harmful chemicals. The best thing about Twister UltraClean is the consistency that employees won’t be able to maintain. No hate here, but machines are more consistent than humans. Also, Twister UltraClean's ultrasonic technology creates microscopic bubbles that dislodge buildup from equipment in hard-to-reach places.

What can it clean?

Bath What Fits
Combo 1 T4 Trimmer, Tumbler, Shroud & Trim Saver Hose
Combo 2 Trim Saver Cyclone and Trim Bin

Bath What Fits
Combo 1 4 Tumblers, 4 Brushes, 4 Shrouds
Combo 2 4 Trim Saver Hoses
Combo 3 1st Trim Saver Cyclone and Trim Bin
Combo 4 2nd Trim Saver Cyclone and Trim Bin
Combo 5 3rd Trim Saver Cyclone and Trim Bin
Combo 6 4th Trim Saver Cyclone and Trim Bin

Deep Sanitation and Cleaning 

Deep Sanitation and Cleaning


This is what a manual cleaning machine can never offer you: a deep, consistent, thorough cleaning of your trimmers. The Twister UltraClean utilizes ultrasonic technology that allows it to clean every nook and cranny of your trimmer, so there's no residual dirt or debris left in there. Aside from removing all kinds of gross stuff on them, too—bacteria, mould, and other nastiness that can make people sick, Twister Ultraclean does not use harsh, corrosive chemicals that can damage your equipment or cause health concerns. The Twister Ultraclean will still handle it easily if your trimmer has a low to heavy buildup of gunk. Finally, this machine's 50-micron filter removes dust and debris, so your machine continues to work smoothly again.

Just a Well Thought Out Product

The UltraClean is powered by a lift that can hold up to 100kg of weight, so it's perfectly suited for a heavy duty T4 or . The 7" Siemens touchscreen panel makes it easy to set up your machine, so it's ready to go when you need it. And with full circulation and filtration systems, as well as oil skimmers, you'll be able to protect your equipment from any unwanted contaminants that might build up over time. The machine itself is made from 304 Stainless Steel on both the inside and outside of its shell so that it can withstand the toughest conditions in any grow room or dispensary. 

Should You Get the UltraClean?

If you only have a single compact-sized Twister bud trimmer that you utilize for personal use, then there's no need to use the Twister Ultraclean. It's not really for small-scale operations, so you'd be better off just cleaning your automatic trimmer manually. But if you have a large-scale operation where you need to process hundreds of pounds of cannabis buds every day, then the Twister Ultraclean is a must-have.

So, if you want your Twister trimmers to work like new, then you have to invest in the Twister UltraClean. Its price may seem step at a glance, but soon after you put things & numbers into perspective, you’ll soon see that it’s worth every penny because of its high-quality cleaning performance. It will clean all the nooks and crannies of your equipment, making it look like new while maximizing your trimmer’s output & performance.

At the end of the day, we're all looking for a way to keep our trimmers clean and safe. With Twister UltraClean, you can do both but at a faster and more consistent rate. So, what do you think? Will you be giving this cleaning machine a try?