Wet Automatic Bud Trimming Machine

Wet Automatic Bud Trimmers For Sale

Looking for the best automatic wet bud trimmers to automate your harvest and you both time & labor costs? Look no further! We carry the best automatic wet bud trimmers from the industry's leading brands trusted by farmers and cultivators worldwide.

Wet Trimming Pros and Cons

➕ Simple and fast; stalks can be fed to the machine right after harvest.
➕ It takes less space since stalks don't have to be dried.

➖ Flowers may not be as flavorful or aromatic.
➖ Molds could develop due to excess moisture.

How Close is the Quality Between Machine-Trimmed Buds vs. Hand-Trimmed Buds? 

Below are just a few examples of before-and-after shots of buds trimmed by automatic bud trimmers. How close are they to hand-trimmed quality? we'll let the photos decide and speak for themselves...

... ... ... ...

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