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CenturionPro Dry Batch Trimmer

CenturionPro offers a new variety of dry batch style trimmers based on their award-winning automatic trimmers to suit all dry harvests capacities. Whether you're a home grower with a couple of plants, have a small or medium-sized operation, to farming on a commercial scale, there's a CenturionPro DBT machine out there to save you both time money, as well as add convenience.

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Centurion Pro Dry Batch Trimmer Benefits

Hand-Trimmed Quality

CenturionPro Dry Batch Trimmers replicate the precision of expert hand trimming at unparalleled speeds. Get perfectly manicured buds, without sacrificing time or product quality.

Boost Productivity, Reduce Labor

Automate your most labor-intensive process. A single CenturionPro machine can replace a team of hand trimmers, saving significant costs and streamlining your workflow

Preserve Precious Trichomes

The gentle 'Soft Tumbler' technology ensures maximum trichome preservation and a higher-value end product.

Consistency You Can Count On

Every batch gets the same high-quality treatment. Achieve a uniform look and consistent quality that boosts the appeal and value of your flower.

CenturionPro Dry Batch Trimmer Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Gary H.

The machine worked great and the end product was out standing! Very quite and easy to handle it’s way better than the bulky ones I’ve used.

Jessi D.

Works great would highly recommend!

Stanley Z.

This machine cut my trim time down from weeks to days. Works great! Definitely impressed with the final results! Does not chew up small buds. Thank you CenturionPro!

Mark G.

I like to cry once when buying something that I know cost more but in the long run it is actually cheaper to buy A quality product. It nibbles away without grinding up the smaller buds. I appreciate the time savings and quality of the finished product.

 Marsh G.

This machine has exceeded all my expectations. It's a perfect fit for smaller-scale operations, and its efficiency is simply outstanding. I no longer worry about the labor-intensive hand trimming process, and the end product speaks for itself – top-tier quality.


This machine is a game-changer for our dispensary. With the number of cones we use weekly, manual processing is out of the question. It consistently delivers perfect fills for our knock box, saving time and ensuring top-notch quality. A must-have for anyone in the business.

Jon V.

Took off 95% just have to clean up bigger fan leaf stems here and there (to be expected) would highly recommend.