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From one of the leading brands in the field of hydroponics, comes a complete collection of high-quality nutrients and supplements that will provide mineral-based plant food to your cannabis or hemp plants. Before the growing season starts, make sure to get a good stock of General Hydroponics plant food collection.

The General Hydroponics nutrients are specially formulated from natural minerals and botanical extracts to supply the needs of your plants at every stage of growth. The products offer total nutrition that will give the essential elements to make your buds more lush and luxuriant. These nutrients are entirely vegan and a result of combined plant extracts, seaweed, mined minerals, and mined mineral derivatives.

On the other hand, The General Hydroponics supplements will stimulate the vigorous growth and flower production of your indoor or outdoor grows. These products have various effects on your plants, like producing robust flowers, making the root systems more vigorous, optimizing plant nutrition, and increasing microbial activity in the soil.

General Hydroponics is an innovator in the field of hydroponics with more than 40 years worth of research and development to find systems and solutions to care for plants of different varieties. Based in Sta. Rosa California, the company makes use of organic components and nutrients on its products to help growers and cultivators everywhere achieve the best possible results.

With General Hydroponics supplements and nutrients, you’ll get an innovative range of products that will help your cannabis or hemp plants grow healthy and tremendously to achieve high-quality products for your business.

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