Triminator Bud Trimming Machines

Triminator Bud Trimmers

Triminator Bud Trimming Machines for Wet & Dry Bud Trimming


Triminator offers a variety of automated bud trimming solutions for wet and dry applications. Whether you're a home or commercial farmer, there is a the Triminator offers a capable bud trimmer for any trimming task at hand.


Triminator bud trimming machines are designed to offer a pure, lubricant-free solution to hand trimming while providing gentle and minimal interaction with the flower.



Triminator Dry Bud Trimming Machines

Triminator Mini Dry Bud Trimmer
Triminator Mini Dry

Award-winning portable automatic bud trimmer. Perfect for home or smaller operations.

Capacity: 2-5 lbs per hour

Dry Trimmer

Triminator Dry

The original. Fast, quiet, and user-friendly, the Triminator Dry was made for medium to large-scale growers who prefer to trim dry.

Capacity: 4-7 lbs per hour

Triminator XL Dry Trimmer

Triminator XL Dry

When the trimming gets tough, you bring out the big guns. The Triminator XL is the world's fastest dry bud trimmer and the only commercial dry-only bud trimming solution.

Capacity: 60 lbs per hour