Rosin Press Filter Bags

Choosing a rosin filter bag may seem like a tedious task to choose, but it’s not at all hard.


The secret is knowing what you’re extracting from and what micron rating, or the size of a particle that can pass between woven fibers, is suitable.


Rosin filter bags have different ratings and 25-microns. They can go as high as 120-microns for some products. The higher the micron rating is, the smaller the particle it can filter.


So, if you are looking at extracting rosin from kief or bubble hash, consider using a bag that ranges from 36 to 72 microns, due to its minuscule nature.


Meanwhile, you can use 90 or 125-micron rosin filter bags for materials like buds.


That is why you need to have rosin filter bags of different sizes, so you’ll have all bases covered when you extract rosins from your harvest.


Trimleaf has you covered for your rosin filter bag needs. Whether you need a set with various micron ratings, or packs of a single rating, our inventory has all your needs for extracting.


Feel free to go through our collection, and check out the rosin filter bags you need.